The end and beginning of two different life journeys

When Garret and I began looking for a warm inviting climate to move to South Texas was at the top of the list, over and over again. And as everyone knows we are here, for over one week now. It was quite the journey getting here but we made it, and so did our things. More about that in my next post.

I want to truly thank my good friend Michelle for helping. Her hard work and positive attitude was, is and will always be truly appreciated. She took time to label boxes and containers and was helpful with keeping the labor guys moving along . Michelle was very instrumental helping us right until the moment we left. I love and miss you Michelle. BYW Michelle you have a lovely singing voice!

Garret’s good buddy Scott helped pack and kept the party alive with his positive attitude.  Our good friend Steve helped and he also loaned us his dolly to move boxes and stuff onto the trailer. Somehow the dolly made it to TX with us, sorry Steve. Katie brought over home made cookies, which everyone loved, “thanks Katie”. We also had an awesome crew of guys loading the trailer, educated in moving by the seat of their pants… and it appears that everything made it here in good shape! And my sweet loving husband cracked the whip the last couple of days to assure we left our beautiful home of 16 years on time Monday Februaryt 13th.

We said our “see you soon” to our family,  friends and neighbors and headed on down the road to write a new book of our life adventures.

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