Life happens

Wow, It’s bee quite awhile since either of us has posted . . . sorry about that. Peace. 🙂


Let’s hits the life happens stuff first. We placed my Dad into memory care in October. He was headed downward pretty fast even then. He ended up passing on the 18th of February. He truly was an amazing person: .

Mom was in the hospital during the same period, it seemed that she was trying to beat Dad out of here. She almost did but somehow decided she wasn’t quite ready yet and decided to fight. We are all so proud of her for doing so. She is now in a group home there in Az, seems to like it quite well and is really doing well.

The house is moving along at a very good clip now, I’ll start updating that more regularly . . . still living in the camper though, still mostly getting along. Mostly. 🙂


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