Kids Can Help Cure Cancer

Mia Barraza news interview

Mia Barraza news interview

On Saturday, April 1, Garret and I had an awesome opportunity to host a worthy fund raising event on our land while also giving many baby palm trees the chance to have a home. Our contractors (Barraza Brothers – Under Construction) 11 year old daughter Mia finds fun and interesting ways to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Cancer Hospital. One day her mom Yvonne and I were talking about the palms and the idea came up to see if Mia wanted to use the baby palms for raising funds (more about the palms later). As it turned out the idea grew into a nice size event. You know, everything is big here in South Texas!

children-can-help-cure-cancerMany young people came to help Mia dig and pot the baby palms, and many of the Barraza’s adult friends came to support the event. It was really cool that TV Station 34 (Mexican News) came to interview Mia and film the event.
Being well connected politically, some of the Barraza’s good friends came to partake in the event: D.A. Luis Saenz, Rene Gomez, Mario Saenz, and Firefighter (and possible future Congressman) Rigo Bocanegra. We’ve gotten to know Mario and Rigo a bit, they have been very helpful with some of the work going on here on the property.

Alexis with her baby palm tree

Alexis with her baby palm tree!

As it turns out Mexican Palm trees do produce flowers and seeds. Our property has hundreds of baby palm trees growing. The property caretaker has been mowing the palms with the grass, and now some areas have palm grass growing LOL. Even though many baby palms have been designated for Mia’s fund raising event, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, still there!

me with Yvonne Barraza and DA Luis Saenz

Yvonne Barraza, myself & D.A. Luis Saenz!

We are very blessed to have had this opportunity to help Mia with such a worthy cause, and look forward to having more events here on our property!


See more event great event photo’s here.

Edit: Just thought I’d add my two cents (this is Garret). It was a GREAT event, so happy to be part of it! Here are a couple more photos, one of our “parking lot” and one down by the lake.

Saint Jude event parking

Down by the lake


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