It may not be fishy, but it sure looked like river city

So, our first real bit of “emergency’ fun since we’ve been here. It’s rained VERY little since we have been here, we’ve haven’t been an official drought but leading into one I guess. So it was nice to know that some water was on the way. They seem to say that quite often but nothing ever really materializes.

Well, it showed up this time, in spades.

It looks like we got right around 15 inches in 48 house, two days of pure haul ass, save what you can, do what you can, keep anything dry that you can. It was pretty crazy.

We did do pretty good in the house, no major leaks.


We were told that this was a hurricane level event, as it related to flooding, so I’m feeling like we made it out of it pretty well. We also now know some more about our property and things we need to do to mitigate future issue like this.

In the good news department, the wonderful lake that sits at the edge of our property in the back, the lake that was about 90% of the reason for moving down here and that has been empty most of the time we have been down here, finally has water!

That’s right, the darn thing filled up from one big ass storm, crazy! We will be waiting for the wildlife to return to the lake now.

All in all, much more work to be done, we are both safe though and have our marching orders.


  1. Scott Allen June 24, 2018
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