Hadn’t thought of it like that

I went to a real estate investors meeting in McAllen the other night. I signed up for just about of of these in the area because we plan on being here for a long time and for the RGV to be the location for most of our real estate investments. I’ve got to tell you, for as much opportunity I thought was in the area, it’s even better than I thought, or had hoped.

The really interesting thing at this meeting that I discovered though was about myself, rather than everybody else. After the presentation and as a way of preparing for the networking session, they asked people to raise their hands based on the answer to the following questions.

How many people work mostly with single home properties, primarily rentals or flips.

How many people focus on duplexes? Nope, not us.

How many people do fourplexes. No, not really us either.

How about apartments – nope.

How many developers do we have here?

Harlingen Land

Wait, that’s what we are doing. Our property will have one fourplex, one duplex, 20 single family homes, a community building, a couple of gardens, a walking path and more! Holy crap, if that is not a development I don’t know what is!

And so, I learned, I am a developer.

It’s so amazing and interesting the twist and turns that life takes.

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