Another Three Loads Gone

So, Vivian walks around in a fairly steady disgust. No, we’re doing fine, thanks. The disgust is leveled in the direction of the two brothers who lived here before us. Apparently they just had real issues throwing anything away.

After multiple dump runs, a couple of giveaways, more dump runs, we are finally making our way into the trees. Here is a picture of our THIRD dump run from items in the trees. (UPDATE: We took more than three tons of crap to the landfill.)

Third Load Out

After taking down the, hmm, third I think, yes, third chicken coop, we found this HUGE dead tree. Look at Viv, doesn’t she look like she’s having a fun time?

Huge Dead Tree

Yep, that’s right, we are still finding new trees. We have actually yet to be over the entire property, it’s just too over grown. However, we did find two more citrus trees today! Woo-hoo!!

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