To Go Or Not To Go

So at this point, we are $15k in at Harlingen, none returnable. $15K down on a dream, that just went to hell in a hand basket. The bank pulled back on the equity deal we were working on – we had other money but it wasn’t available as it was all company money. Hmm. Things got a bit bleak. Do we give up the dream and the $15K, or just find another way to make it happen?

We, as a couple of are lot of things, quick to give up is not one of them. We hadn’t planned on leaving Fort Collins anytime soon – but – we had a nice house, in a great market, with a lot of equity into it. We knew that this was equity that we could get to if needed. But, it would mean leaving FTC and all of our friends. And honesty, the best friends two people could have. BUT, we had a dream and we REALLY believed in it.

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