The truth is, I got depressed

Things really slowed on this blog, I haven’t been doing what I planned, what I promised. Losing Dad was quite the blow, but we knew that had to be coming sooner or later. The real blow for me was what happened to Mom, just came out of left field. It was and still is a lot to deal with. Thank goodness she’s come out the other side wonderfully.

The house:

Construction progress

The house is kind of in a strange place, but starting to feel like we are getting much closer. We are now living in the suite; the french doors on the left are to the suite. I’ll post some pictures of it as soon as it’s a little more organized.

So, the suite is about 97% complete, we have to wait to get the main house complete to get the last 3%. But, on top of the suite and extending out on top of the main house a bit, is the office, with is 100% complete. Two rooms, really a very nice office space. I’ve got to tell you, it’s so nice having my own office again. I shut down the downtown office and moved into our office here, so awesome! The stairs that Vivian is standing on in the Life Happens post is the entrance to the office. The house will have an office as well, but nothing like the upstairs office.

The plans for the suite are pretty awesome I think, we plan on making it available for friends and family as they come down and visit. It’s really a very nice suite, living area with dining room and kitchen, separate bedroom, full bath, etc. Much nicer than most suites at mid-range hotels, even some higher end hotels. And totally separate from the house’s living space. We are both excited to have friends and family come and visit.

The main house still has more work coming, but most of the expensive stuff has already been done or addressed. We have a bit of electrical left 90% of the costly stuff is complete. Speaking of, we should have our “official” power this coming week. We have been running on Temp power that I pulled from the barn when we first got here. Years as an electrician going to use there, and throughout the project by the way.

Okay, getting a little long here and have lost a few of you by now, I’ll try to be better about this and ask Vivian to try and do the same. The “trailer living” started to get pretty hard on her. She is an amazing woman and person, she’s gutted it all out and now we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ll get this darn thing done, then figure out the plan for the rest of the property, so many ways we could go there, and all exciting to think about.




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