It takes effort

So here is a little secret about life; It takes effort. I know, what an idiot right? Of course, it takes effort! But what a lot of people forget, is that it takes effort for all of us!

We do pretty darn good I think, Vivian and I. I make a nice living and we pretty much get to do what we want, when we want. What’s not to love about that? But the truth is that MOST of us are in that exact same position. The difference is that I am aware of it. People thought we were nuts for making the move down here, and maybe we were, but it’s been great!

We came down for a 30 day visit, bought and closed a house in those 30 days, and a house that by the way, many others thought we were crazy for buying. The plan was to come and work on it months at a time, with the construction paid for by another deal we were working on. And then just 60 miles or so from home, on our trip back, the other deal fell through. The call was devastating and 100% unexpected. I would have given chances of that happening at 0%.

But instead, we said screw it, put the house up for sale, sold it ourselves, for cash, and moved. From the day we left for vacation, to the day we were moved down permanently to Harlingen Texas, three and a half months.Spring in bloom

Have I mentioned how much I love it down here? This is a pic of one of the neighbor’s lawns down the street.

Anyway, we choose to change our lives, to mix it up a bit and do something different. We didn’t have to do it, and we didn’t wait for somebody to do it for us. YOU decide the changes that you want in your life. Start making small changes in that direction today, and keep moving. You WILL get there.

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