Everything old is new again

Ever hear the saying “everything old is new again?” well remember that big old tree that our guys took down right here?

Big Tree

Well, it seems as though it had different ideas. One of the guys jumped up on and it started to cut off the big branches….

Cutting off huge branches

And didn’t account for gravity. Once the large branches were gone, the tree took for for a bit of a ride. To right back to where it was before.

Tree back in it's hole

Hmm, right? Now we just have to figure out what we are going to do with the bees.

Seems that they have a number of kinds of bees down here. These little buggers aren’t the “Killer Bee” variety but they are pretty darn aggressive, and they aren’t honey bees. They look just like killer bees but won’t follow you to the ends of the earth in order to cause pain and death – just about 25 yards to do so.

We have this little thing around here. You just keep your ears open and be alert as you are working, listen for the word “bees” to be shouted out and be ready to take cover fast! So far I think we have found five hives on the property. One of which IS honey bees. I’m going to talk to ol’Ken next door and see if he would like them. Until then, we’ll see if we can’t stay clear of these buggers.

Bees on a tree

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