Don’t ever move

I mean it, moving sucks. What a PIA, even forgetting that once we decide something it’s balls to the walls. Vivi had a bunch of stuff boxed up before we left but there was still so much to do, uggg.

We hired a “U pack it” type trailer, they would leave it at the house for 3 business days, and we had to be packs and ready at the end. We asked for it on a Wed, looking to get the weekend as extra days.

We got the trailer (of which we were supposed to take just half of) on Wed as planned and started hiring help off of Craigslist on Thursday.

With the help of the CL folks, and a few really good friends, but Monday we had taken the full trailer – BUT we were ready.

The 94 Camaro that I had gotten from my Dad, would make the trip in behind our truck on a trailer I had bought in the Denver area.

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