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So much to talk about

Wow, I’m not even sure what to think anymore. It feels like we have been here so long . . . but then not long at all. Very confusing.

We had our first crack at burning away the vegetation today, firefighters on hand and all of that.

Fire fighting Harlingen

It was going pretty well initially, but then the wind kicked up and we weren’t really able to burn as much as we wanted (all of it). There ended up being a small brush fire down the street (not caused by us) and a truck had to come help them out. So while they were leaving that fire, they stopped by to ask if we wanted some help putting ours out. Yes, please.

Fire truck

Fire Fighters

The REAL good news is that we FINALLY got approved for our shed! I know, how hard to get a shed approved right? Well down here they have become very particular about such things. It seems there is a bit of a history of people just building “sheds” and then living in them. The weather is so nice here I could really see that being an issue, so they have really tightened up the permit process etc.

Shed starts

It’s very important for us to get the shed done because just about everything we have is in storage . . . a monthly bill with just a monthly RIO (ROI being a place to have our things) tied to it. Building the shed gives us something that as storage will have a full pay off in a little over three years . . .and we’ll get a whole lot more use out of it to boot! Also, it allows us to have our property on site and on shelves! Boxes are collapsing in the paid storage because of the humidity. We hope to be able to get out of the storage place in April.

I was just looking through pictures, have you guys seen this one yet?

Pirate ship

That was on the way back from South Parde – such a cool place to live!


Big Birthday

I had a great birthday today. We spent the morning working on the property and the afternoon at the island (South Padre).

Thanks my love, a wonderful day!