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Three Cats

I’ve never been a big “cat” guy, but we inherited four small kittens right after we moved here.

Cats in truck

Their father is a cat/bobcat mix and mother a stray black cat that seemed to like our property quite a bit.

She had four small kittens, we trapped all five of them (not the father), had then fixed and brought them back to the property to help with rodents.

We lost one of the cats early on when she got ran over on the main street in front of the house, but all in all, they have been great to have around. When we moved here there were all sorts of rodents all over the place, and plenty of cockroaches as well. The cat’s love those guys :-).

The cats are all outdoor cats and we feed them just enough to keep them feeling good, sticking around and hunting. Our main rodent cat got sick and wasn’t helping out the cause too much. We had to take him to the vet and get all sorts of stuff done. Hate spending money like that, heh.

Anyway, looks like it’s paid off and we are back to hunting. He brought this up to show us how good he’s feeling.

Cat and mouse


It takes effort

So here is a little secret about life; It takes effort. I know, what an idiot right? Of course, it takes effort! But what a lot of people forget, is that it takes effort for all of us!

We do pretty darn good I think, Vivian and I. I make a nice living and we pretty much get to do what we want, when we want. What’s not to love about that? But the truth is that MOST of us are in that exact same position. The difference is that I am aware of it. People thought we were nuts for making the move down here, and maybe we were, but it’s been great!

We came down for a 30 day visit, bought and closed a house in those 30 days, and a house that by the way, many others thought we were crazy for buying. The plan was to come and work on it months at a time, with the construction paid for by another deal we were working on. And then just 60 miles or so from home, on our trip back, the other deal fell through. The call was devastating and 100% unexpected. I would have given chances of that happening at 0%.

But instead, we said screw it, put the house up for sale, sold it ourselves, for cash, and moved. From the day we left for vacation, to the day we were moved down permanently to Harlingen Texas, three and a half months.Spring in bloom

Have I mentioned how much I love it down here? This is a pic of one of the neighbor’s lawns down the street.

Anyway, we choose to change our lives, to mix it up a bit and do something different. We didn’t have to do it, and we didn’t wait for somebody to do it for us. YOU decide the changes that you want in your life. Start making small changes in that direction today, and keep moving. You WILL get there.

RAIN… finally!!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on our blog. Oh, awesome and fun things have happened since my last post Rain at Reba Bass Lakeand I want to write about them so my memories stay true. But today we’re finally getting some rain along with rolling thunder! We haven’t had enough rain since we moved here to keep our “rain water” lake with water, so it’s just been laying there waiting to serve it’s purpose… just saying.Jeep mud to the doors

The RGV has been getting plenty of rain, but our bit of paradise seems to have blue sky’s – mostly. I hope this storm cell brings our area the much need moisture we need and fills our Reba Bass Lake full of water!

Pretty Amazing

It’s really amazing how we have gotten this place that we are, not just physically but figuratively. The process really started when we decided to go to Harlingen for the month of November (2016) and see what we thought of the area. And the plan even got better when our great Friends Steve and Katie threw cation to the wind and decided to take their own trip and meet us down there as well. Pretty darn cool.

By the time Steve and Katie made it down there, pretty much mid-month I believe, we were knee deep in negations for our property.

Harlingen House

That’s the house there – actually on the right, 100% covered by trees and plants. The part on the left is the extension.

Although we hadn’t planned on it, we went back home, put our house up for sale, got an offer four days later and closed five business days later, for the asking price. Then we moved to Texas lock-stock and barrel.

On one had it seems so long ago, on the other, it hasn’t even been 2 months! Just nuts. So much work being done and so much more to do.

We have met some awesome people down here and I think in a lot of ways it’s really allowed us to make some personal changes as well. I do have to say, we really miss our friends and we hope we are able to stay connected, that’s all part of changing your life, isn’t it?

I was reading a Facebook post from one of our dear friends this morning, about her needing to make some changes. My message to all of you (and to ourselves) is DO IT!! It’s your life, you get just one. Create the life that you want for yourself! Make it amazing and EVERYTHING you want it to be. Only YOU have the power to do that for yourself.

And by the way, there hasn’t been a single minute where I have wished we had not done this. It’s been hard, a lot of work, we miss friends, comfort, real plumbing etc, :-), but man is this living life!!

And to all of our friends – come visit!

The Breeze Was On Our Side Today

Our Contractor, “Barazza Construction ” do change with the breeze when needed. They determined that it would take too long to get the brush burn completed and decided to haul the debris to the land fill. Today is the first day, the temperature is in the 90’s, and the direction of the wind was in full compliance of what we (Gar and I) needed.

For most dirt moving, burning and tree removal days the wind blew the dust and dirt north, in the direction of our camper and home office. But not today! Today the wind is blowing south … and a little to the east or west, but mostly south.

Here are some photos of some carnage being scraped, lifted and moved into the trailer to be hauled of the the landfill.

As some of the locals say… “Thank you Jesus”.

I say “Thank you Barraza Construction”! Making progress helps me feel real good!

Hadn’t thought of it like that

I went to a real estate investors meeting in McAllen the other night. I signed up for just about of of these in the area because we plan on being here for a long time and for the RGV to be the location for most of our real estate investments. I’ve got to tell you, for as much opportunity I thought was in the area, it’s even better than I thought, or had hoped.

The really interesting thing at this meeting that I discovered though was about myself, rather than everybody else. After the presentation and as a way of preparing for the networking session, they asked people to raise their hands based on the answer to the following questions.

How many people work mostly with single home properties, primarily rentals or flips.

How many people focus on duplexes? Nope, not us.

How many people do fourplexes. No, not really us either.

How about apartments – nope.

How many developers do we have here?

Harlingen Land

Wait, that’s what we are doing. Our property will have one fourplex, one duplex, 20 single family homes, a community building, a couple of gardens, a walking path and more! Holy crap, if that is not a development I don’t know what is!

And so, I learned, I am a developer.

It’s so amazing and interesting the twist and turns that life takes.