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Drama? Naw, just another day in the RGV

So, we had a bit of a knock-out drag-out with our contractor today. We’ve had one of his guys over here for quite some time, and he has always complained that he’s not making enough from us on this guy. My position is that he’s making about $75 a week from us for doing nothing, basically a rental fee on his guy. And that we are a long haul client, over 7 months now, and most of that with two or more guys. Not a bad deal I’m thinking . . . but he’s still a  bit grumpy about it.

So the worker, Randy, has been telling us that the contractor has been telling him that he should just go on his own and work with us, basically that we aren’t worth the headache to him. Knowing the contractor, this did not seem far-fetched. So we worked out a deal with Randy, told him we would hire him directly but he would have to talk to the contractor about it, make sure everything is clear and good to go, I didn’t want to burn any bridges.

The next day Randy says he spoke with the contractor, told him, the contractor was pissed, but generally he’s pissed no matter what, which is true.

Well, next thing I know the contractor shows up here pissed as hell and looking to kick some ass . . . or something.

To my great detriment, I have always been the kind of guy who thought that that position was mine to take in circumstances like this. Not sure where that came from, my Dad I guess, but I’m thinking it’s not the smartest trait to have.

Anyway, after plenty of yelling, chest puffing, crying (LOL, just kidding), we finally got things squared. No punches were thrown BTW. 🙂

Now on to he fun stuff; the lake!

So the lake is at least at 100% and looks like it’s still taking water on from somewhere. I’m thinking all of the saturated soil is still seeping in that direction and that has to be where it’s coming from. It’s not an issue and won’t be one, we are way too far and much higher than the lake. But the point is, LIFE IS BACK IN THE LAKE!!

Birds all over the place. ducks hatching, on and on. Frogs like you have never seen around here! Get up in the morning and walk around and baby frogs are hopping all over the place, kinda crazy.

So now we are looking at options for getting fish back in the lake. First, we have to do a water test (great idea Vivian) and make sure we don’t have anything like E-Coli in it, and if clear start working on a stocking plan. Exciting times! This was much of the reason for choosing this property.

Duck On A Wire

We’ve all heard of bird on a wire right? How about Duck on a wire?

Harlingen Duck On A Wire

Have you even seen such a thing. I’ve seen tucks in trees before but never ducks that land and perch on electrical wires. Welcome to South Texas!

Some Food And Birds

There are a lot of things going on and to do in the RGV, but without a doubt, food and birds are in the top 5. Yesterday while we were waiting for some large equipment to clear out we ran down to this little place: and had some lunch.

Chicken Parmigiana Sub

It was the Chicken Parmigiana Sub and are you kidding me?? Amazing!

But the real kicker around here as far as food is concerned are the tacos. breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. Now for those of you in Colorado and I assume many other places North from here; as a side note, that’s just about everybody in the United States, all but the most Southern part of Florida. When I say tacos you’re probably thinking of something like THIS. But down here when you say taco they are talking about this:

Also, there are really no burritos down here, just wrapped tacos. But the point is, they are EVERYWHERE and inexpensive and good!! So the taco is pretty much the meal that everybody is eating all of the time. Also, they sell them at gas stations – did I mention that?

On the the birds! Saw these fellas this morning and my walk around the property.

South Texas Parrots

Flocks of these fellas fly by all of the time, pretty cool. They’re calls on the other hand, not so cool. Sounds like somebody is being tortured, yeah, that bad. But South Texas is like the International highway for bird migration. We have just about every cool bird you could think of. Come on down and check it out!