Buried The Jeep in Texas Mud

Jeep mud to the doors

So, I FINALLY talked Vivian into it. I’ve got this Bad-Ass Jeep set up for the South Texas Mud . .  . and we happen to have a full lake of it in our backyard currently. The lake behind our place is “dry” for the first time in recent memory (I’m talking like that last 50 years or so), so I wanted to take and do some mudding with it. Makes sense right?

As I said, finally after asking I don’t know how many times, Viv said “okay” and jumped in with me.

We drove down to the lake, and started driving around, cool. For about 45 seconds that is. And then stuck. Yeah, seems like the mud runs VERY deep around here. I literally buried the jeep to the doors . . . no getting out.

Chevy Pulling Jeep

But, that’s why you keep a Chevy around right? 🙂 We has to hook up two straps to reach but the Truck pulled the Jeep out easy. But do you want to see what 50 plus years of lake mud looks like?

Fully mudded Jeep

That stuff was like black glue! But hey, I was looking to have an experience and an experience we had!

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