The Breeze Was On Our Side Today

Our Contractor, “Barazza Construction ” do change with the breeze when needed. They determined that it would take too long to get the brush burn completed and decided to haul the debris to the land fill. Today is the first day, the temperature is in the 90’s, and the direction of the wind was in full compliance of what we (Gar and I) needed.

For most dirt moving, burning and tree removal days the wind blew the dust and dirt north, in the direction of our camper and home office. But not today! Today the wind is blowing south … and a little to the east or west, but mostly south.

Here are some photos of some carnage being scraped, lifted and moved into the trailer to be hauled of the the landfill.

As some of the locals say… “Thank you Jesus”.

I say “Thank you Barraza Construction”! Making progress helps me feel real good!

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