Month: June 2019

Poor Cat

Don’t look if you are squeamish at all. 🙁

One of the tough things about having somewhat wild cats on the property is to find the balance from keeping them wild and turning them into pets. Turn them into a pet, and their chances of survival outside go down, just the cold hard truth.

Our favorite cat, them male, who was born with a bobbed tail, go into a scrape with something; something bigger and stronger. We figured, looking at the wounds, that he probably stuck hit hear in a burrow or something.

His head was a scratched up, a big patch of hair from his head was gone, both ears chopped up, a long slice down his back and a pretty deep wound on his tail.

It took him a good week before he would even really come around, even to be fed. He’s been getting progressively better but his tail has been bothering him, we could tell.

Well, this morning there was a bunch of hair missing, in a ring around his tail. We figured he was pulling out the hair to get to the wound to take care of it. Later I saw what’s next, we found the tail laying back by where he had been sitting.

Cat tail missing Missing Cat Tail

It looks like it just peeled right off, like a glove linger coming off and leaving the finger beneath. Sent the image to the vet, I guess we’ll see.

Nasty though, for sure.