Month: August 2017

Making Progress

When we started

Harlingen House

After the front was cleared (mostly)

full house

What!!?? That was a porch?

I hated that porch, it was like walking into a tunnel . . . or to your death. Really, the thing was a bit scary.

The entire roof should be done in about a week and that’s actually one of the bigger jobs to be done on this house. The main house (the right half) actually had a fire in the attic at some point and most of the rafters got burned up pretty good. That last owner decided to kinda just throw more wood at the issue than actually fix it. We are fixing it.

Probably the other big projects are going to be electrical and plumbing but this really gets us a good ways down the road. Now we can start working the inside as well.

Oh, I forget, new windows coming as well!!